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Recapture and redirect valuable web traffic with custom WordPress 404 Page Templates from SeedProd

Looking for a WordPress 404 page plugin?

What if you could create a custom 404 page design and tons of other landing pages in WordPress with just 1 plugin?

SeedProd’s powerful drag and drop builder allows you to create a customized 404 error page in WordPress optimized to deliver the highest conversion rates. It’s the most effective way to generate leads for your WordPress website.

Whether you want to grow your email list, get more leads, or increase sales, our built-in 404 page mode and custom 404 page templates make it super easy.

And best of all, you won’t need any design or coding skills.

What Is a 404 Not Found Error in WordPress?

404 errors are HTTP status codes that mean you can connect to a server but can’t find the page you need. Unlike a 301 redirect that tells search engines something has moved permanently, 404 errors indicate something is broken. Those errors can also show as; Error 404, 404 error messages, and HTTP 404 codes.

Typically, 404 not found errors happen when:

  • Users visit broken links
  • People misspell URLs
  • A page is moved or deleted
  • The settings permalinks structure isn’t set up correctly
  • A redirection plugin isn’t working
  • Your web server shuts down or malfunctions

As a result, you’ll see a web page with the not found error.

Create a Custom WordPress 404 Page Design

While all WordPress themes have a 404.php file in the wp-content area, the default 404 page design doesn’t look good or offers ways to engage with your website visitors.

Instead, a successful 404 page should easily redirect visitors to the information they need. That way, you’ll keep them on your site instead of forcing them away.

That’s where SeedProd’s WordPress plugin comes in. Our powerful page builder lets you easily create custom 404 pages without needing help from a developer.

With our user-friendly drag and drop landing page builder and 404 templates, you can:

  • Use optin form blocks to collect email addresses from your custom page
  • Add a FAQ section to answer popular search queries and customer questions
  • Embed CTA buttons to send visitors to eCommerce product pages
  • Use button blocks to link to your home page
  • Add and customize Product Grids with our WooCommerce integration
  • Embed a search form to help users find what they’re looking for

mobile responsive 404 page builder

Plus, you won’t need to start from scratch with your design.

Customizable WordPress 404 Page Templates

SeedProd offers tons of optimized 404 page templates to increase your new page’s leads and conversions.

Our landing page templates are easy to edit in the visual page builder. And there’s no need for any CSS, HTML, and other complex coding languages.

Custom WordPress 404 page templates

But what if you want to start from scratch? No worries!

In that case, you can use our blank template to build a custom 404 page. And with our drag-and-drop builder, it’ll match your WordPress site branding – no code necessary.

Plus, all SeedProd templates are mobile-responsive. That means they’re 100% mobile-friendly and look great on phones and tablets.

More importantly, you can turn your custom 404 page on and off at will with our built-in 404 page mode.

SeedProd WordPress 404 page mode

Seamless Integration with WordPress and Email

And if that wasn’t enough, SeedProd works with all types of WordPress themes.

Whether you use your own custom WordPress theme with SeedProd’s theme builder feature or free themes like Twenty Thirteen, your 404 pages always look fantastic. That’s because SeedProd works independently from your WordPress theme for minimal issues.

SeedProd email marketing integrations

In addition, SeedProd integrates with major email marketing service providers such as:

  • MailChimp
  • AWeber
  • CampaignMonitor
  • ConstantContact
  • and dozens more.

You can also connect to Google Analytics to track 404 page statistics in your WordPress dashboard. And if you want to optimize your page for search engines, you can integrate easily with an SEO plugin.

Best of all, SeedProd is lightweight and lightning-fast. As a result, there’s no bloat, and it won’t slow down your website.

So why settle for loading your site with a separate WordPress 404 plugin? With SeedProd, you get the power of multiple plugins in 1.

So dive in and use SeedProd to build a mobile-responsive 404 page and tons of other landing pages.

Get started with SeedProd today.

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